So this is the overly-exaggerated-about Internet? Just kidding, I do know what it is and the basics of how to use. No, I’m not new to it, as it was introduced to me at a very young age. I just don’t know how to act on it, in other words, I’m the polar opposite of a social butterfly. I’m socially awkward and unaware of the subject ‘human communications’.

Although I seem very bad at making friends ( which I am), I do have some. Not to brag or anything, but I have really great friends and people in my life. But the sad truth is that you have to take  the good with the bad. There are really detrimental people in my life; they make it harder and harder to get through a day with or without them being around.

But that shouldn’t stop anyone from achieving their dreams, hopes, goals, or anything for that matter. Keep on going and you’ll make it. Just believe that you can and you will, because when there’s a will, there’s a way!! I know I was being a little cliche and dramatic, but it’s true. Once I just realised that these people were obstructions, distractions, or straight- up obstacles on my strenuous journey to reaching my goal, it made ignoring and disowning them a whole lot easier.

Now when did I become a therapist? Back to what I meant to say; I may not be social, but that won’t stop me from being happy. I hope you enjoyed today’s/my very first post. Sorry for rambling, but expect that more often!

Lovingly from the Heart,
Harriet A. Blade



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